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did you know?

The City of Richmond has a Comprehensive Parks Master Plan! The 2020 Richmond Comprehensive Parks Master Plan will build upon the existing plan to ensure that Richmond continues to be an attractive and viable community. 


Curious about the existing plan?

You can take a look at the current 2009 Richmond Parks and Recreation Mater Plan Update and the supporting community documents here


The comprehensive parks master plan will be building upon the community’s vision to GROW the city’s-built environment, CONNECT the city’s destinations, PROTECT the city’s natural resources and CELEBRATE the city’s offerings and accomplishments. 

Quality open space has become synonymous with quality of life in communities.  No longer are a community’s parks, trails and greenways considered merely recreational facilities.  Today, recreational systems provide another layer of critical community infrastructure.  Open space networks provide key pedestrian connections to natural and cultural resources, often celebrating the unique characteristics of a community.  They connect neighborhoods and schools, offering an alternative and safe pedestrian mode of transit.  More and more communities have discovered that quality park and recreation spaces make a community more sustainable.  They can be the engine that drives cultural and recreational tourism and promote economic development. 

The 2020 Richmond Comprehensive Parks Master Plan provides a 5-year vision for development, maintenance, and operation of the City of Richmond’s entire park system. The comprehensive plan articulates the community’s vision to provide healthy and enjoyable recreational opportunities to its residents and visitors. The final Plan will provide specific tools and guidance for achieving the goals and specific action items envisioned by City staff and the community at large. The final Plan will also meet the Indiana Department of Natural Resources- Division of Outdoor Recreation requirements for a system-wide master plan. Meeting these minimum requirements will make the City of Richmond eligible to apply for Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant program funds.


The 2020 Richmond Comprehensive Parks Master Plan will occur over the course of 6 months and will include three key phases of work- each of which have a variety of community engagement and outreach opportunities.

Researching and Writing

Research and Analysis

January- Early March

Understanding where we have been.

Jogging in Park

Park Facilities

February- April

Understanding what we offer and
how we are perceived.

20180618HOL_2005©2018waynet (1).jpg

Planning Strategies

March- August

Understanding where we are now and identifying strategies for the future.


When complete, the final 2020 Richmond Comprehensive Parks Master Plan will include: 

  • Inventory of existing parks and recreation facilities;

  • Findings from the planning process and community engagement;

  • Vision statement, goals, and recommendations for system-level and park-specific improvements;

  • Parkland acquisition and/or selling strategy; and

  • Suggested funding strategy.

The Project Team

A critical part of the success of this planning process is the participation of City staff, property
owners, residents, facility volunteers, business owners and other stakeholders in the community.

To ensure that the 2020 Richmond Comprehensive Parks Master Plan process takes into account the ideas, concerns and suggestions of the broader community the planning process will incorporate three different groups of community members that will assist the consulting team in developing and reviewing the plan deliverables.


As meetings are held, and work products are created we invite you to review them and provide ongoing input.
You can review work being done by all project parties here

City of Richmond leaders and Department staff will weigh in on system needs, available resources and strategies for the future.

The masterplan committee will work in collaboration with the consulting team to guide the process and ultimately decide the direction of the final plan.

The community stakeholders are individuals who represent a wide array of community interests including volunteers, and community partners.

City and Department Staff

Masterplan Committee

Community Stakeholders

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