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Showing our Park Pride

Since 2019, the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department has been hard at work planning for the future of the Department and the overall park system. This page includes summaries and links to previous efforts and also highlights the ongoing work within the Whitewater Gorge- our biggest effort to date.

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Richmond Rising: A Community Action Plan

The Richmond Rising: Community Action Plan, serves as the City’s comprehensive plan. The Plan was developed for the community, and citizen engagement played a huge part in the plan’s development and review.

2020 Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The 2020 Richmond Comprehensive Parks Master Plan provides a 5-year vision for development, maintenance, and operation of the City of Richmond’s entire park system. The comprehensive plan articulates the community’s vision to provide healthy and enjoyable recreational opportunities to its residents and visitors. 

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Whitewater Gorge Activation Plan

The Whitewater Gorge Activation Plan provides detailed recommendations on 
how park properties, specifically the Whitewater Gorge, can be enhanced to become a resilient and sustainable 
site that features active public spaces, inclusive amenities, and diverse programming opportunities.

Farmers Market Strategic Plan

The Farmers Market Strategic Plan proactively identifies how the themes of fiscal sustainability, partnerships, staffing, and community services can be intertwined to leverage and grow the current Market 

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