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The Richmond Rising: Community Action Plan was completed and adopted by the City of Richmond Common Council on February 3, 2020. 




The Richmond Rising: Community Action Plan, serves as the City’s comprehensive plan. A comprehensive plan is a guidance document for future growth and development over the next 10 to 20 years. It serves as a roadmap for effective decision-making in both private development projects and community initiatives for the public good. The key components of a comprehensive plan include a snapshot of current conditions, a vision for the future, and recommendations of how to achieve the vision and goals outlined within the document.

The Plan was developed for the community, and citizen engagement played a huge part in the plan’s development and review. Over the course of 12 months, the Richmond Rising movement was used to garner the input, ideas, concerns, and suggestions of hundreds of Richmond residents, business owners, and stakeholders. The input and engagement sessions outlined as a part of the process ensured that the plan reflected the needs and aspirations of Richmond’s diverse population. The planning process was broken up into three primary phases of work.

This phase will allowed everyone to undertand what assets exist in within the City, what challenges the community might face in the future and what goals the community has for future growth, development and preservation.

This phase alowed the community to think about long term goals, and strategic action items that will ensure that Richmond continues to maintain and improve upon their amenity and development offerings.

In this final phase, made sure that the City has developed the tools, and parteners they need to make lasting change in the community.

Information Gathering

Idea and Strategy

Community Driven Implementation

The purpose of the comprehensive plan is not only to help guide future growth but the City can also use this plan as a tool to help engineer change by encouraging favorable development, while allowing for the natural evolution of a growing community. In the eff ort to control the quality, quantity, and location of growth, a comprehensive plan provides the justification for community decision makers to support or deny future projects or initiatives.

The Project Team

A critical part of the success of this planning process is the participation of property owners, residents, business owners, and other stakeholders in the community. A comprehensive plan is, by its very nature, derived from the broader community.

To ensure that the Richmond Rising: A Community Action Plan planning process took into account the ideas, concerns and suggestions of the broader community the planning process incorporated three different groups of community members that assisted the consulting team in developing and reviewing the plan deliverables.

Richmon Public Meeting 4.10 (40).jpg

Project Steering Committee

The project steering committee worked in collaboration with the consulting team to guide the process and ultimately decide the direction of the final plan.

Richmon Public Meeting 4.10 (63).jpg

Project Stakeholders

The project stakeholders are individuals that represent a wide array of community interests including major employers, developers, community organizations and City leadership.

Richmon Public Meeting 4.10 (37).jpg

Cultural Review Committee

The role of this sub-committee was  to review materials for content-sensitive language and unintended consequences, conflicts, or challenges that may appear when viewed from different perspectives.

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